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Monday 8 October 2012

Woop Studios: Collective Nouns in Pictures

A murder of crows, and implausibility of gnus, a parliament of owls. Collective nouns make the world a happier place. I like to think there's a little board of collective noun directors somewhere. A seriousness of directors, perhaps? No! A monocle of directors! I'm imagining them all sitting around a big table, watching Attenborough and deciding the very best collective nouns for the animal kingdom.

I think Woop Studios is the place where all of the collective nouns are catalogued. Then Woop turn them into prints for us to buy with our pocket money. It's brilliant, hilarious learning. Camels are quite funny, but a caravan of camels is funnier.

Who decided that the collective noun for pandas was an embarrassment?! Why?! I must know who is behind this slander. Though to be fair, pandas are mostly pathetic. Just have some sex, you stupid damn bears.

A raft of otters! A raft! Oh, stop it, Important Collective Noun People. You're too fabulous. This flash card set is £10.79 from Amazon. It needs to be turned into a Top Trumps game right now please.

Ooh, this is fancy. If you're totally in love with all of the fancy prints (I really, really am), then you can buy a linen boxed set that includes all of the designs (no, we're not going to discuss what the collective noun for a collection of collective noun posters is, stop being silly). It'll cost you a couple of grand, mind. And if I buy it, I might suddenly notice that I have a bitterness of bank managers in my life.

But fear not! There's a book! A ZEAL OF ZEBRAS. A bunch of Zebras hanging out could be called nothing else. Want some more? The book is £8.79 from Amazon.

Woop Studios prints aren't mega cheap (and my goodness I wish there was a postcard set a la Penguin (a huddle, it's a huddle of penguins). They start at £79.99 unframed. They're all limited editions and they're all pretty fabulous.

A whiteness of swans. This one of my favourite, because it's so simple and rather elegant - just as you'd expect a swan to be. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the collective noun for a group of Domestic Sluts is a gusset. Sadly, there's no poster for that.

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