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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Animal Eyelashes from Luna and Curious

I have a whopper of a party coming up, and when parties get big the eyelashes - naturally - get bigger.

I took to perusing our archives for some inspiration, and fell upon Alex's ingeniously pretty find: horse eyelashes.

They were out of stock on the V&A shop where we initially found them, but I rediscovered them on the ever-quirky Luna and Curious along with a wonderful array of the most bizarre eyelash designs I have ever secretly coveted.

The birds eyelashes may be a little too big for me, but they are pretty stunning. Apparently each of the designs represent a Chinese symbol: birds symbolise happiness and fulfilment. I'd certainly feel pretty happy if everyone kept making a fuss over me every time I blinked.

The peach blossom lashes are a little daintier and symbolise love. Imagine fluttering these coquettishly at someone you admired... well, you'd certainly get some kind of reaction. Especially if you modelled your eye makeup on this ladymodel who is sporting the lashes in question:

There is no showier bird than a peacock, so I think these peacock lashes are particularly appropriate:

It doesn't say what peacocks are supposed to symbolise, but my guess is "LOOK AT MEEEE!"

The peony lashes are genuinely very pretty. They symbolise happiness. N'aww.

Lastly, and I think my favourites, are the deer and butterfly lashes. Aside from being a wonderful combination of two very lovely things, they are just brilliantly pretty. The deer antlers actually look like big swooshy eyelashes with the odd butterfly thrown in for good measure. It's love.

All of these designs are £12 for one pair, and should be used just as you would any other false eyelashes. The question is: am I bonkers for even considering these?

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