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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Sluttery Travels: The Cosiest Hotels in the UK

I am minutes away from hibernating in a Slanket for the next three months. Minutes. It's cold and icy and slippy and I don't really like it. I can get excited about snow for all of half a day. My snowman excitement has expired now. You can't call me a Scrooge, it's not Christmas.

I'm now on a search for the cosiest hotels in the country. It turns that out we've already written about a whole bunch of them. We've told you about the cosy gorgeousness that is The Witchery by the Castle in Edinburgh. Honestly, if they let us we'd live there (although if they're not up for it, we might ask their equally cosy sister hotel Prestonfield).

If you're after cosiness in London, Hazlitt's is a dream. Blink and you'll walk straight past. Like I did. Twice. There are a couple of snuggly places in Clerkwenwell - head to the Rookery or The Zetter Townhouse (pictured above). They've got the old school and opulent thing sorted. I can't be cosy in a modern design hotel, I need the sort of atmosphere that's going to have me napping while I'm holding an old fashioned and stuck on 7 down.

Where else shall we go? (I appreciate, this is becoming quite a long trip to find a log fire.) There's a lovely log fire at The Old Parsonage in Oxford. Let's stop there for a night or two. The Crab & Lobster manages to be bright and modern and snug all at the same time. That's some sort of wintry magic. We obviously have to pop to Flintshire to stay in Gladstone's Library, just look!

I don't think I'd ever get bored here.

The Landmark Trust are excellent at cosy. You can actually search their site for properties with open fires. Well done, LT. I've settled on Danscombe Mine in Cornwall, which will sleep four of you and cost £364 for a four night break.

The rooms don't look particularly snug, but I really want to cosy up next to the fire at The West Arms in Denbigh. It's £149 per night. Surprisingly, the chintz chairs are working for me. I'm also quite taken with The Old Dungeon Hotel in Cumbria.

Ooh, hello Durrants. Somehow, this hotel bar is tucked away off Oxford Street in London. I've never, ever heard of it. Now I've seen how snuggly, I want to go immediately.

What a gorgeous hotel room! This is part of the railway house at The Hoste Arms in King's Lynn. Usually I'm not impressed by 'romance packages' but theirs £152 per person and includes a massage for an hour and a half. Yeah, I'd be fine with that. I suppose.

I wish this cabin was all mine. Alas, the gloriously named Teasel Burrow is part of a gorgeous project called The Bivouac. It's a collection of cabins with a central hub for the community to gather. Let's check out that central hub...

What a gorgeous cafe. You just know that you're going to have the best homecooked meal ever in this cafe. Teasel Burrow can sleep seven for about £700 a week. It's in North Yorkshire, near The Star Inn.

Now this is a cosy dining room. You'd spent hours drinking red wine and playing Scrabble at this table with your very favourite people. Rooms cost around £180 per night and come with added snug and happiness. And breakfast.

Excuse me, I'm off to hibernate until March.

Do you know of another cosy hotel? Please share in the comments immediately, it's cold.


  1. A lovely collection of cosy hotels. Will keep this bookmarked for future trips.

    Last winter we stayed at the Tan Hill Inn. It’s Britain’s highest inn, found at the top of a very long winding road (not to be attempted in the dark). Roaring fires, eccentric staff, great ale, delicious food, oh and did I mention they ‘adopt’ the odd orphan lamb from the local farmer and have this running around (usually waiting for its next feed).

    We had a lovely evening snuggled in the corner playing cards and drinking ale after (attempting) a walk in gale force winds.

    The website doesn't do this place justice, it’s a real English experience!

  2. Local to me is The Grove in Pembrokeshire, a luxury boutique hotel set in beautiful grounds. the

  3. -sorry, have fat fingers here!

  4. Actually the Hoste Arms is in Burnham Market (still Norfolk though!) - about two miles from the sea, so perfect for a freezing stroll before going back to the bar, which is also very cosy (log fire and wood panelling if I remember rightly). Mmmm.

  5. Ahhh! The Hoste Arms. I stayed in winter. It was cold, rainy horrible weather all weekend, but the Hoste is just amazing. Beautiful food (you can go for afternoon tea if you don't want/can't afford to stay); the staff can not do enough to help (but are not intrusive) and there is even a little beauty spa for those important weekend pedicures/stints in the outdoor hot tub... Oh and Molton Brown miniatures in the bathrooms (one of my life rules: always judge a hotel by the toiletries in the bathrooms)

  6. I want to go to the Hoste Arms right away.


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