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Tuesday 15 January 2013

January Blues

Everyone is a little bit miserable in January. You've got the tax man waiting for you to sob into a pile of receipts, even if you fancy a drink after work everyone else is on a massive health kick. You've got no money to enjoy yourself and I don't care what the weather man says, THAT'S NOT SNOW, THAT'S RUBBISH.

Here are some lovely blue things to cure your January blues.

I've just tried this gorgeous blue shift dress on for the millionth time. It's not right for me, I need something a little more nipped in and don't think it'll look right belted. But I love it and it's reduced to £20 in Joy.

I love this little huts on stilts mug from Snowden Flood. It's £11.95. I could be tempted by this Battersea mug as well. I keep breaking the plates. I'm not allowed any more plates.

This is a lovely pendant light, it'll look lovely on my landing. It's £70 from Pedlars. Usually I wouldn't be keen on blue lighting, but in a sunny spot it'll be perfect.

I can't really decide if these wedges are blue or purple, but dammit I like them and they're in the sale at Zara so they're only £29.99. Nice shoes always cure January blues. Even if they are a bit purple.


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