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Thursday 31 January 2013

Etsy Pick: SketchInc

One of the downsides to playing about on Pinterest is discovering gorgeous things and then realising that they're a) sold out b) actually linking to an advert for erectile dysfunction or c) from a seller on the other side of the world and shipping is too expensive. Pinterest is basically the modern day version of flicking through the Argos catalogue as a kid. It shows you loads of wonderful things that you just can't have.

Aaaah, the Laminated Book of Dreams. Anyway, where were we?

Oh yes! It turns out that despite my discovering them on Pinterest, SketchInc are in the UK! (Thank you, Holly Becker.) All of their gorgeous harlequin jewellery is up for grabs with very reasonable postage. This little gold-faced bear will perch on your shoulder for £11.50 and £1.50 postage.

Now here's the thing I like with Etsy sellers. If you buy more than one piece, the postage gets cheaper. So I've decided that I'd like this harlequin bunny as well. Postage for him would be 90p. I'm saving money but buying him (shut up, yes I am).

Actually, move over, bunny. I need a harlequin fox with a gold-tipped tail! Gimme. He's handsome, isn't he?

You can even get the little guys in a pretty gift box for the same price - it's just the postage that's a little pricier. SketchInc are going on my favourites list, these brooches are gorgeous.

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