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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


An unlikely conversation:

- "I'm looking for a dramatic lighting feature to hang over my dining table. You know a bit vintage, a bit industrial chic. That rough luxe that's so fashionable in New York at the moment."
- "Oh right then love, you just need to head over to BHS then."

But, as unlikely as it sounds, BHS of all places seems to have become the lighting saviour of the British high street. I think fondly of BHS for keeping the Tammy Girl label - the clothing hero of my pre-teen years - alive but I'd never think to go in one of their stores. And, oh wow, does it appear that I've been missing out (is this something you all knew and have been keeping secret from me?). Their Illuminate lighting collection is stunning, with several show-stopping pieces. For example, the Thornby cluster pendant shown above which ticks many of the vintage/industrial/fashionable boxes of the moment and only costs £105. That's higher than your normal BHS bargain admittedly but, comparatively  very reasonable indeed.

But that isn't a one-off fluke. There's plenty more where that came from, such as this Brixton pendant, yours for £70.

Or the drop-dead glamour of the gold Lily drop pendant priced at £90.

There's plenty of table lamps too, to brighten the dingiest of corners for only the slenderest of budgets, like this smoke Malik table lamp. It looks like a bottle of the finest vintage (Sluttery tip: don't try to drink it when drunk. Or add ice.), with its fancy pants electroplate finish. But's it's only £40.

And there's the wonderfully simple, looks more boutique than BHS, Jupiter lamp. I like to imagine a cartoon lightbulb appeared above Mr/Ms BHS designer's head when they came up with this one. It's also £40.

Take a look at the rest of the collection, from drop pendant cluster lights to oh-so-now bell jar inspired numbers, to light up your life while being light on your wallet.


  1. Wow! They're all gorgeous. Colour me quite surprised.

    1. I know! BHS lighting is usefully quite good but these are extra special.

  2. Whoa! I do remember how hot the lighting department was in my local BHS now. They had all the lights blazing at once and it was like a sauna.

    1. Oh my god yes. The extra hot lighting certainly can't have helped with the general fraught atmosphere when I was shopping with my mum...

  3. Amazing! BF has been crying into homeware catalogues looking for lamps like these. I'll drop it into conversation, oh so casually...

  4. I always remember being excited to walk through BHS when l was a kid as it meant that shopping was over and l got to look at all the pretty lights on the ceiling!

  5. have currently got a 25% off in store voucher running x

  6. Sorry, ignore the last post- it's 10% off electricala. Thought it was too good to be true!!!


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