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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Beans on Toast

I hate buying bad birthday cards. There's something a bit sad about the cards in a train station WHSmith (although the surprise that Purple Ronnie still exists always causes a nostalgic 90s flashback) and more often not, I buy chocolate in a lieu of a rubbish birthday card.

These cards from Urban Outfitters are short and to the point, saying exactly what you'd like to say. Let's be excellent to each other. You are brilliant. They're designed by folk singer Beans on Toast. (No, me neither.)

I think I prefer his cards to his music. This reminds me of when Mr Scruff brought out his own range of tea.

You've got a nice face.

I think you  are awesome. I'd be very happy to get this card in the post. They're £3.50 from Urban Outfitters  and you'll never be stuck for words on someone's birthday again.

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