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Thursday 17 January 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Folklore

Folklore fits neatly into my favourite shop category 'bloody ace stuff I don't need but really do want thank you very much'. They're an eco friendly design shop in London and they look like they belong in the pages of a swanky magazine. Let's take a look at some of their excellent goodies.

Do you remember I mentioned Pawling Studio earlier this month? Quill London have some of their stationery, but were a little low on stock. You can buy these gorgeous geometric noteboks (yep, all four of 'em) for a tenner.

I should make clear that the £30 price tag on a bar of soap and some body lotion had me yelling at my computer screen. But, I do think the packaging is very yummy indeed.

Oh hey, Folklore? This aluminium chair is so bloody gorgeous I can't stand it.

Mmmmm. Snuggly snuggly throw (and not the first one we've shown you today, anyone would think it was cold out).

I'm going to splash everything in yellow in the run up to spring. Winter begone!

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