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Monday 14 January 2013

Da-Sein Socks

This piece is about socks (I'm wearing three pairs at the moment and still freezing). But it's also about shoes. I want to tell you about Da-Sein socks, but I want someone to tell me where these fabulous shoes are from.

I really can't decide if I like the socks more than the shoes, but I am absolutely certain that the two together look brilliant.

I like that skirt as well. £17.50 for pop socks is taking the piss a bit (even blue and stripy ones), but they are quite lovely.

Anything turquoise and hot pink is going to get my hot under the collar. Yes, even socks.

Ooh, I want these shoes as well. Oh, and the socks. Life would be vastly improved with zebra print socks.

Prices for Da-Sein socks start at £6.25 and they're available from Culture Label. Now, can someone track down all these lovely shoes for me?


  1. Is it just me though, or are all their ankles disconcertingly thin? Laura

    1. It's hard to tell without the rest of the body attached.

  2. I adore the ankle socks especially but I suspect it might also be down to the shoes - they're amazing. I really really want the last pair.


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