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Friday 18 January 2013

The Colour of Music

Sometimes an idea is so simple, so amazingly obvious that you're surprised by its originality. I feel this way about We Are Dorothy. Every time they bring out a new map or print, I spend ages staring at it. So far I've lost huge chunks of my day to their film map, their song map, and their St Etienne print.

Now I'm all over their musical colour wheels.

They've got two colour wheels - the colour wheel of popular music, and the wheel of song. One has loads of bands on it, the other has colourful songs. I'm sat at my desk sporadically exclaiming things link 'look! Tangerine Dream!' 'Ash! Bloody Ash! That's genius.' I'm never going to stop getting excited about Ash.

One of the finest songs ever. Don't argue.

RASPBERRY BERET! The best thing about these is that you get some brilliant earworms. Prince is always a welcome earworm.

Nope, still not bored yet. This is the thing that I like about We Are Dorothy's designs. They're not just clever, aesthetically they're gorgeous as well. Even without the hours of research into the content, you'd want to stare at the pieces.

You've got two price points. A very reasonable £100 for the limited edition lito print. Or, a OH MY GOD ARE YOU MAD? STOP GIVING THEM AWAY price of £30 for a poster print.

THE BLUETONES! These are going to keep me amused for hours. I recommend hanging them at eye level, you're going to get a bitch of a crook in your neck otherwise.


  1. Oh my goodness I need all of them!!

  2. I actually want to BE these posters, they're that good. Blimey. Ash and the Bluetones! X Laura

  3. I love this! What a brilliant find!! xxx

  4. What a great idea. I love things like this.


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