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Thursday 24 January 2013

Marvellous Mugs

Frances broke her favourite mug at the weekend and my housemate's Virginia Woolf mug recently had an accident with a precariously-balanced jar of cinnamon. So I'm doing the best thing I can and helping everyone find something lovely to put their cuppa in. There is nothing worse in the morning than a cup of tea from a crap mug.

Ella Doran's gorgeous artist's mug is right at the top of my list. I remember swishing my paintbrushes 'round in mugs of water when I was doing school art projects. A little bit of arty nostalgia will cost you £8.50.

Can someone teach me how to play backgammon, please? I'll buy you this Mini Moderns mug if you do. It's from The Design Museum Shop and it's £8.

Yesterday Sel tried to convince you that 2013 was going to be the year of the otter (since we're a little bit over owls and foxes). I'm firmly convinced that badgers have the edge. This badger mug is by Emma Bridgewater - £19.95 will get you a half-pint of tea. We've marked 2015 for frogs.

There's always time for a sausage dog mug. Especially from Rory Dobner. This is £15 from Roost.

I have one of these educational mugs. They work y'know. I can tell you loads of bones in the human body. I totally know my tarsals. This is £10.95 from Pedlars. I bet they know all of their planet facts.

Emma Cowlam's work is perfect on ceramics. This is the most fashionable mug there ever was. It's £12.95 from Rockett St George. I also quite like these Phoebe Richardson skeleton mugs...

Skulls and badgers. That's what your morning cuppa needs.

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  1. A good mug is definitely necessary for morning tea. Urban Outfitters have huge pint-sized mugs which are pretty ideal for winter and...well anytime tea is needed, I guess. I love the planet and skeleton mug on this list too. I love a bit of science with my tea and cake.


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