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Monday 28 January 2013

Design for Kids: Eames Elephant Stool

Judging by how much my Twitter timeline cried at that bit of that episode of Africa involving the elephants, everyone loves them. There's nothing not to love (unless you're faced with an angry one. They're quite scary when they're angry) especially when their inherent cuteness has been captured so nicely as in these stools originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

The stools were designed in 1945 for children and they still look good now. Look, a herd of them!
They're made from polypropylene so can be used outside in the summer and brought inside for the winter. This is one bit of child related plastic that won't compromise on your style and for that we can be thankful. They're on offer at Interiors Addict for £63.70 (regular price £79) and available in blue, white, green, red and orange.

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