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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Magisso Cake Server

One of the best and worst things about making cake is cutting it up afterwards if you are in the unfortunate position of having to share and not just sticking you face into it. It's the best because you get to share the fruits of your labour but also the worst because unless you get out rulers and protractors, someone is always going to complain (even if they keep it to themselves) that someone else got a bigger piece. That's why you need one of Magisso's cake servers.
It's a stylish bit of magic that will make afternoon tea and, perhaps more importantly, birthday parties a lot fairer and civilised. It also helps that there's an instructional video. I am a sucker for these things which is why I'm not allowed to watch the shopping channels when I get home from the pub in case I buy stuff.


  1. I ALWAYS bugger up the first slice! This is very clever indeed.

  2. This is GENIUS!!! I think I might be a sucker for an instructional video too but GENIUS!!!

  3. Yay for Finnish design!
    Having said that, I have the cake server and while it is quite convenient, it cuts weird shaped pieces, in a slight crescent shape. So unless your cake is a particular diameter, after a few pieces you have to cut in another part to get a neat piece.


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