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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Totes Amaze: Totes Amazed

Like my tea towel retailer of choice, To Dry For, with Totes Amazed you wonder which came first, the name or the desire to stock amazing tote bags. Both are perfectly valid reasons to open a shop I think. Somewhat obviously, the shop stocks a great range of tote bags, ranging from old favourites, like Minimoderns and Miso Funky to some brand new discoveries. They've got designs for book lovers, like the mini book bag  from Memo shown above (yours for £8), designs for gin lovers and designs for lego lovers. What more could any Domestic Sluts want?

Oh yes: CATS. This design is by hellojenuine and will cost you a tenner.

How about a beautiful bicycle bag too? This Love Cycling design is illustrated by Robbie Porter exclusively for the store. That one is £12. Team with the Lomography-inspired Hey Diana! tote for optimum hipster bingo scoring.

I was delighted to see they were also stocking one of Kate Rowland's Twin Peaks bags (fill it with your own secrets!), before I realised Rachael Griffiths - the clever lady behind Hannah Zakari and therefore the person who led me to Kate in the first place - is one of the masterminds behind Totes Amazed, along with her fellow Edinburgh-based designer mate Gill McColl. Which also partly explains this...

Edinburgh's famous Greyfriars Bobby as depicted by the mighty Gemma Correll. And just in time for the 140th anniversary of Bobby's death too. Totally Amazing.

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