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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Bag Lust: Marks & Spencer Appliqué Satchel Bag

Miuccia Prada, Sonia Rykiel, Minnie Mouse: three of my fashion heroines. I feel like any one of them could have dreamt up this appliqué satchel bag but, no, it's Marks & Spencer and it's taken from their Limited collection.

Where to begin with its loveliness? Well, there's the gorgeous colours to start, the luscious saucy pink and red colour combination which, when paired with the thick black detailing, makes it look like someone on the M&S design team is excellent at colouring in without going over the lines.

Then there's the practicality: a long strap, lots of room for books and lipsticks, an inner zip pocket for keys and precious things, and it's wipe-clean too. In a Hollywood cliche, this would be the opposite of the secretary who takes off her specs to reveal her beauty. This is the bombshell who would pull up a chair, roll up her sleeves and start working on your tax return.

It offers pretty much instant happiness for any time you'd wear it. You can't see the head of this model but I know that - despite otherwise wearing the most boring outfit known to woman - thanks to the power of the bag alone, she's got the biggest grin on her face in the world. You would too if you'd just bought it for only £39.50. (And you'd be wearing it with a much better outfit obviously.)


  1. Love this post - brilliant bag, and brilliant words to go with it :)

  2. LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Oh, the coveting...

  3. Gosh, they HAVE put her in a crap outfit, haven't they?

    1. I know! Why? Almost anything would be better...

  4. Oh no I just bought it.....,my finger slipped.


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