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Monday 21 January 2013

Top Ten Gluten Free Recipes

Over the last eight months, we've shown that you gluten free food isn't always a faff. It doesn't have to be disappointing. It can *gasp!* even taste pretty damn good. Whether you just want to make a few changes to what you eat, fancy trying something new or need a specifically gluten free diet, we've created loads of GF recipes for you to try out. Here are our top gluten free recipes.

Viennese biscuits. This was Caleigh's first ever gluten free recipe for us!

Strawberry blondies (pictured). Want dense and fudgy brownies? Then make them gluten free. Sometimes GF ingredients work in your favour.

Crunchie cheesecake. We absolutely can't get enough of this recipe. You'd have no idea that it was gluten free if we hadn't told you.

Crispy Pancakes. Make this childhood favourite at home! If you've got a thing for pancakes, you should try our chickpea flour pancakes as well.

Yorkshire puddings. Arguably the best part of a Sunday roast, there's no way we'd let you miss out.

Soda bread. Most gluten free bread leaves a lot to be desired. Try this one instead.

Gnocchi. It's one of the finest comfort foods. Make it with buckwheat flour and BAM! you've got yourself a gluten free treat.

Fish fingers. Homemade fish fingers are the best. Here's how to make them gluten free using some crushed up cornflakes.

Pot Stickers. Gluten free dumplings?! MAGIC.

Rhubarb and orange rice cake. Sometimes you just need to make a quick ingredient substitution and you'll have a very tasty creation.

Flourless chocolate almond cake. Flourless chocolate cakes are becoming a bit of A Thing 'round these parts. Try this chocolate daim bar cake. Or, whip up our chocolate chestnut cake.

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  1. I've never thought it possible to make dumplings without gluten - do you think I could also use chickpea flour?

    1. You can, I'd replace the rice flour with it. Add the water slowly, though, it'll absorb a different amount and you don't want to drown it! Just be aware that it's a strong tasting flour so it might overpower the flavour of the filling.


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