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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Excellent Etsy Earrings

Let me tell you about my recent feat of pure bravery, my friends. It was a cold, dark Thursday after Christmas, and I walked down the deserted cobbles of a ghostly quiet side street near my local High Street. My heart was pounding as I knew what lay ahead, but with no thought for my own safety I went forward. I pushed open a creaky door. And was met by a gun. A piercing gun. AND THEN I GOT MY EARS PIERCED!

Oh okay, it wasn't that brave (especially as The Boy actually dragged me there, so you can forget the 'with no thought for my own safety' part), but I've finally overcome my twenty-four year phobia of having a gun shoot some metal through my flesh for the sake of pretty earrings.

And now, obviously, I need some pretty earrings. A whole new collection of them. Hooray! So I've been shopping on Etsy.

One of the first finds was this beautiful pair of bluebird fabric earrings from Betsy Rose. She's actually based in the next town from me, and tells me she is adding more of these delightful, vintage-inspired items to her store all the time (I'm also in love with the pink and blue rose design), so I have a feeling I may be revisiting soon. The pretty bluebirds are £4.99 with £2 postage.

 I saw the words 'golden unicorns' and I was sold. This pair - from Beadish Delight in Grimsby - is £8 with £2 postage.

"ACCIO DEATHLY HALLOWS EARRINGS!" Now I have a new way to proclaim my Harry Potter geekery to all the world. These are £4 with £1.50 postage from Snap and Dazzle.

Simple designs are often best, and I was completely taken with these antique bronze birdcage earrings from 8th Sin Creations. They're an astoundingly good value £2.55 with the same amount as postage on top.

Some days you just feel like being silly, and when I have one of those days I will absolutely be wearing these incredibly joyous pieces of toast on my ears. Little Miss Delicious is the creator of these and many other food-related jewellery, and I'm rather in love with all of them. The toast studs are £18 with £4.95 postage.


  1. Argh! Piercing guns are so unhygienic they can't be cleaned properly and frequently shatter cartiledge. :-( still, welcome the world of pretty earrings!

  2. I had my ears pierced about 3 weeks ago too! But my already pierced boyf made me go to the scary piercing shop where it was done without the gun. Still, It's nice to have an excuse to buy more jewellery, and this post has inspired me to do MOAR EARRING SHOPPING!

  3. Hehe, the earring shopping was what finally persuaded me to do it, despite the pain (everyone says "Oh you don't feel a thing" BUT I DID!).
    The Boy is pierced too and the place we went to (a tattoo parlour) was ace and has pierced him a few times, but since then I've heard bad things about the use of piercing guns! Thankfully mine are fine. :)


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