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Wednesday 30 January 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday: Penguin Library

If there's a wallpaper more perfect for my imaginary library, then I haven't seen it. Penguin's collaboration with Osborne & Little is the best book-inspired wallpaper I've seen. Even nicer than Anthropologie's.

But there is something I'm a little concerned about (no, not just the £65 price tag). Is it possible that Penguin merchandise is becoming a little ubiquitous? With a design heritage that dates back to 1935, it feels almost a little churlish to suggest that, but their designs are being stamped all over everything. I worry that my beloved Penguin books might well be going in the same direction as Keep Calm and Carry On.

We've got three Penguin mugs in DS HQ (which I can dry with Penguin tea towels) and I love my Penguin postcards (I could write on them with penguin pencils). I can wrap my gifts (probably a Penguin tie) with Penguin wrapping paper while sitting in a Penguin deck chair. Oh looks, there's a Penguin boardgame as well! It's all becoming a little much.

It's entirely possible that this wallpaper will date much quicker than the books, even though at first glance I think it's lovely. Although I still think it would be the perfect paper to line bookcases with.


  1. Omg. I love this wallpaper!

  2. I like this wallpaper, but I wonder if it's a bit of a novelty (hehe). I could picture one wall of it in a nursery or very small bathroom though. Somewhere with very little furniture and other accessories, otherwise it might be a bit much.


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