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Monday 21 January 2013

Twiggy Coat Stand by Habitat

Dear reader, I'm about to make a confession to you. I am one of those people who spends a lot of time on property websites looking at other people's houses. It's like Through The Keyhole for non celebrities. Part of the appeal is wondering how you'd decorate other houses. I'm envious of houses with hallways. My old terrace opens straight into the front room from the street which is a little inconvenient when it comes to storing things like coats and shoes. All our coats get shoved on an over door hanger which then means you get attacked by a wall of coats whenever you try to squeeze past.

No, I long for a hallway so I could have this super stylish Twiggy coat stand. Designed by Naoko Kanehira for Habitat, it's almost too lovely to cover up with coats and outdoor accessories. The tray is designed for you to empty your pockets onto which may also eliminate the ageless "Where are my keys?" panic. The different heights of the branches also means that my children could reach to put their coats away instead of dumping them wherever they feel like. Ok, it might be good but I don't think it's magic...

If you are lucky enough to have a hallway or a corner, you can get Twiggy from Habitat for £140.

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