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Monday 28 January 2013

Top Ten Ginger Recipes

Ginger becomes a whole food group for me in winter. When I'm all sniffles and sneezes, it's all I can do to not eat it raw (not recommended). You don't need to resort to such desperate measures - we've created loads of ginger recipes over the years (although let's not go overboard and make ginger soup). Here are top ten ginger recipes.

Chocolate ginger pots. This is one of those 'need a quick pudding to impress friends with' recipes. And they were featured in Sunday Times Style. Oooh, get us.

Gingerbread mug houses (pictured, as if that wasn't damn obvious). YES. It's not Christmas, but that doesn't mean that we can't make gingerbread mug houses. You could also make gingerbread dinosaurs, or gingerdead men. Or gingerbread bats. Look, we like gingerbread, OK?

Chocolate Guinness gingerbread. No, YOU have a gingerbread problem.

Triple Ginger Brownies. One type of ginger not good enough for you? Oh alright then, you ginger fiend.

Lemon and ginger tea-smoked chicken. Ginger and chicken are the best of friends.

Ginger nuts. Can't be bothered to go the shop for biccies? You can make these in the same amount of time. Trust us.

Slow-cooked beef curry. This recipe would be nothing without that huge chunk of ginger. It's pretty fabulous.

Gingerbread syrup. We're adding this to booze (especially handy when your housemate has nicked all of the King's Ginger), we're putting it on ice cream and in our coffee, we're probably just eating it with a spoon. And you can bet your ass we're buying some of these Charbonnel et Walker King's Ginger truffles. Yums.

Chocolate, salted caramel and ginger muffins. Taking your baked goods and ginger levels right up to eleven.

Ginger cake. Or you could go old school with a sticky ginger cake. This is the perfect winter cake. Please share it with us.

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  1. I have made those gingerbread houses, they're actually quite tricky. You need to be careful about right angles and stuff when cutting them out. And bear in mind the thickness of your cup's rim.


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