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Thursday 24 January 2013

Etsy Pick: Natalie Hough's 'Birds, Beasts and Beautifulness'

There are many things that are both awesome and fearsome about Brixton but, as far as I'm aware, a grizzly bear isn't one of them. That's why, when I spotted Natalie Hough's adorable bear on the Frankie blog, I was pleasantly surprised to learn she was a south London neighbour.

Despite her London dwelling, her inspiration clears lies in the natural world. She describes her work as 'birds, beasts and beautifulness' and that works pretty well for me. Each work is made from papier mache, painted with acrylics and then varnished. So if the bear is the beast she mentions (yours for £16), what of the birds?

Natalie makes these beautiful feather necklaces and - for only £19 - you get to pick their plumage. Yes, parakeet or pigeon (Brixton's native species), she'll do her best to recreate one of their feathers through the medium of papier mache. It sounds slightly bonkers but they look beautiful.

Here's some animals that are bound to make the Domestic Sluts squeal with delight: an owl (ooooh) and a cat (eeeeee). They come as a pair of brooches, so wear them both proudly at once or Natalie suggests wearing one each as part of a couple. That would mean giving one away, so I think no to that. But nice idea. These are £29.

But I've kept perhaps the most exciting option to the end. Natalie will make you a necklace featuring the head of any animal that you choose for only £26. It's taking animal totems to a whole new level. I'm (not-so) secretly hoping that another of Natalie's south London neighbours, Ambridge the cat, gets honoured next.

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