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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Go Tartan for Burns Night

This Friday 25th January will bring the glorious celebration that is Burns Night - the perfect excuse for a party involving a whole lot of whisky (in fact, have a look at our top whisky recipes for some inspiration!) It's also a time where, traditionally-speaking, partygoers wear clothes made from their family tartan. If you're not lucky enough to have a family tartan, you may still want to join in with the fun - so here's how you can get all tartaned up in style:

I'm by no means sold on tartan trousers - mainly because my sadistic secondary school head teacher made the girls wear them and they were frankly so horrendous the neighbouring schools used to laugh at us on the bus. Every day. For five years.

HOWEVER, these Denim and Supply by Ralph Lauren trousers (£90) look so good in this outfit that I think my mental scars are cured. They're also much nicer than my school uniform, and even look like the ones Rachel wore in that episode of Friends when Ross finds out she loves him.

Look, LOOK at the wondrousness:

(Okay, so they're pyjamas, but shush.) Vivienne Westwood does some skinny tartan jeans for US denim brand Lee too, and they're reduced from £170 to £102 - ooh, savings! They're both available from ASOS.

Urban Outfitters definitely caught my eye with this tartan skirt for £35. Even if the model has a face on that says "FINE! I'll wear the tartan, OKAY?!", I think it's rather fetching (despite its nineties-ness).

Is this black tartan bodycon dress (£40) from Dorothy Perkins really nice, or really awful? I can't tell. But I'm strangely tempted...

If you'd rather stick to a hint of tartan, you could try these leggings from Topshop for £25. For half the price but twice the "POW! TARTAN!" factor are these Jonathan Aston tights for £12.30 from mytights.

More nineties magnificence! This 'Clueless' jumper from Reiss is £44 in the sale, and fabulous.

Lastly, back to ASOS for a couple of options. There's these Rebel shoes (£18) for a cheeky hint of tartan, or there's this tartan dress for an all-out explosion of sexy Scottishness:

It's £31.50 and I love it. Are you all over the Burns Night tartan? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. An example of Rachel wearing actual tartan trousers in the episode where they get tattoos.

    I'm a nerd.

    1. Aha! I knew it, I just couldn't remember the episode! Absolutely sterling work. And Monica wore a jumper just like the Reiss one at some point too...


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