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Monday 28 January 2013

Dream Dress: Louche Leopard Print Dress

I should know by now that I can't panic shop. I'm terrible at it. On Friday I found myself trying on a pair of floral jeans, for cryin' out loud. I didn't look like the girl in the photo on the website. I was panic-buying because this weekend I was off Berlin to play with Samsung's new Galaxy 3G camera, and I'd discovered it was MINUS TEN. Obviously I have no suitable clothing for that sort of weather (proven only days before when I got caught in the snow wearing suede BALLET FLATS). I had an hour before the shops closed to find something warm and snuggly that I could run about in and then wear out to a party.

That's a really tough outfit brief.

I wish I'd just tried this leopard print dress on when I first spotted it. If in doubt, always go for leopard print. Then I wouldn't have got snappish at the helpful sales lady (sorry, Helpful Sales Lady in Joy, you're lovely) and I wouldn't have missed the start of Coronation Street. It's absolutely the perfect winter dress - it's snuggly but the v back makes it look all sexy. The flippy skirt and nipped-in waist is mega flattering, which is very handy if you plan on eating all of the currywurst you can find. It comes up short on the model but actually it falls just above my knee. I just stood up at my desk to check.

Fifty quid poorer and much happier and I was snug enough to skip about Berlin taking photos of the amazing street art in the snow. This is a splendid winter dress.


  1. As a Canadian, one of my favourite things is hearing people from other countries talk about the terrible cold. I'm from Nova Scotia, which isn't really even on the list of top ten most inhospitable Canadian places in the winter, and last week it was -32. (That's a cold snap though, usually it doesn't go much under -25.)

    Maybe I am being a little imperious but since our winter lasts until round about April, you can have your turn gloating about spring. :)

    1. Oh, I just wasn't expecting it to be much colder than the UK. Having been to the Arctic circle, I can cope! But since it was a very spontaneous trip, I wasn't prepared fro being dressed up and warm at the same time!

    2. It IS a lovely dress. And a better choice, I think, than the floral jeans!

    3. I was clutching at straws with those. On the right person, they'd look lovely. I am not that person.

  2. I love Louche, they ALWAYS come up trumps for me. Loving their 1950s style Raina dress; makes me look like a diner waitress... in the best possible way!


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