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Friday 11 January 2013

Friday Bag Lust: Beautiful Bowling Bags

Oh, I do love a big, shiny handbag. But when I say big, I really mean big - it has to fit a whole ton of crap in it: not only the essentials, but everything from books, to all my make-me-look-vaguely-presentable tools, plus flat shoes for heel days (I'm a wimp when it comes to long days in heels).

So a bowling bag must be perfect: if their traditional use is considered, they surely must be hefty and sturdy enough to hold bowling shoes and EVEN a bowling ball, surely? And they come in all kinds of pretty colours:
This Linea bowling bag from House of Fraser is almost too shiny even for me, but OH MY is it lovely. Big without being bulky, it's a slightly pricy £79 but I'm still tempted.

 For a slightly nicer sounding £50, I am rather taken with the remarkable shade of green flaunted by this Storm bag at Simply Be. The feather charm will just make me feel even more like a peacock, but I think I can live with that.

The thing with bags is, I like ones that match all my clothes. That's where this chic black and white Oasis bowler comes in handy, and it's only £35! John Lewis, you are too good to me.
 Sticking with more sensible colour options, Topshop have bowled me over (well I had to fit it in somewhere, didn't I?) with their Clean bowling bag in a fetching grey. It's £40.

The problem with sensible is I'm not it. Fiorelli must know this about me, otherwise they wouldn't lure me with their oh so sexy bright coloured bowling bags at House of Fraser. This one is called the Abbey Road bowling bag: a Beatles reference, I'm sold! It's so worth the £69, but quick! There's only 4 left...

If they've all gone, there's always the Groovy Love bowling bag for £65 (also at House of Fraser). Oh Fiorelli, what are you doing to me?

Please help me decide by telling me your favourite from this beautiful bunch of bowlers.


  1. No I do not need a green bowling bag.... No I do not Need a green bowling bag.... NO I DO NOT NEED...... Oh blow it. Pass the computer and lets have a look.

    1. Haha, I would argue you DO need a green bowling bag. ;) I have still yet to be able to make my decision... they're all too lovely!


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