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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday: Sian Zeng

Do you remember Fuzzy Felts? They were absolutely my favourite toy when I was very little. Sian Zeng does a similar thing with her wallpaper. Look, it's magnetic. And it's also quite brilliant.

Pigs might fly, across the magnetic wallpaper in your living room. The magnetic liner is actually part of the process. You paste it onto the wall with the wallpaper paste, then fix your paper straight to the wall. Then when it's dry you can play with your pig magnets. No, not before it's ready. You've only done one wall!

It's pretty special wallpaper without the magnets, and you can buy it without its magic powers. The standard wallpapers are £65, the magnetic ones £248. Damn, magic is expensive. 

But you can buy a sample set with magnets and paper. I might just. Yes, that's a goose on a llama. On hedgehog woodland wallpaper.

You see, it's not just the wallpaper that Sian Zeng sells. Obviously you can use any ol' fridge magnet, but she creates the magnets as well. You can make the llama say whatever you like.

And you can give him a hedgehog with an umbrella (or a goose, if that's your bag). You know what? I absolutely would. Where ARE you going, dapper little hedgehog?

I like your style, Sian Zeng. I like it a lot.

Thanks to Kent Jolly for telling us about Sian's wallpapers on our Facebook page. We love when you share ace stuff, so hop over there and join us.


  1. Love seeing our work here- Domestic Sluttery is aspirational!

  2. Thanks- we love you!


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