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Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Albatross Bookmark - buy SIX for £1!

This probably isn't the sexiest product I've told you about, but it is one of the cleverest. You might remember seeing a little video for Albatross bookmarks.

No, I don't know how they work either, I'm assuming some sort of wizardry is involved. What I do know is that I'm going back to school in a few months and the Design Museum are now selling six Albatross bookmarks for £1. Amazing.

Designed by Oscar Lhermitte, the bookmarks follows you page turning as you read, so you don't need to remember your page or do any corner folding (who else is a corner folder?) It's such a simple piece of design, but it's a helluva lot nicer than the Underground receipt I'm using at the moment.

Usually a pack of six different grey scale bookmarks are £11 but now they're just £1, I'm going to buy loads of 'em. At the time of writing, the Design Museum had 229 packs in stock so go and fill your boots books. Obviously for each pack you buy you're allowed to buy new six new books. That's definitely how it works.


  1. LOVING your choice of books in that bottom photo. From what I can see, our reading mores are perfectly matched. And therefore I must buy some albatrosses (albatri?) immediately :-)

    1. Aaaah, that's not actually my bookshelf - that's a photo from the Design Museum. But I think I have most of those books, with a smattering of Virago Modern Classics because I like the covers.

  2. Brilliant idea. Great name too - let's hope this Albatross is a bit more pleasant than the Ancient Mariner's!

  3. Anything to stop corner folding!


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