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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Etsy Pick: Freaky Frankenstein

As the various sources of fashion wisdom keep telling us, the catwalks have spoken and we are soon all to be wearing clothing emblazoned with images of the almighty Frankenstein's monster. Which is one of those brilliantly unlikely pin-ups that I am all for throwing my support behind.

It has yet to properly trickle down to the high street, don't-have-to-remortgage-my-house-for-a-t-shirt price levels, but Etsy are so all over it already that you don't have to wait a moment longer!

Firstly, look at this gorgeous Frankenstein necklace from Kitsch Bitch Jewellery. Gothic, romantic, and finished with a lovely black bow, this is all of the pretty. It's also only £7.82 with £1.30 shipping.

Of course, Frankenstein's monster has a bride, too - and they make a very fetching pair in this print set by Kezbirdie's ARTS. These are matt-finish photos, but the originals were made using pointillism so they look all Van Goghy. Luckily, they are not Van Gogh prices as they're £19 with £3 postage.

I am swept away by the pure awesomeness of this classic movie monsters cushion. It's the genius creation of Pin-up Princess, and as well as Frankenstein's monster you also get Dracula, Wolfman and The Mummy all thrown in too. And it's only £15 with £2.95 postage!

Maybe you fancy creating a monster yourself? Well, you can: RetroLOOMINOTIONS have come up with this super cross-stitch pattern, the PDF of which is yours for £2.50.

Lastly, just how special are these Frankenstein kicks? They're a hand-painted design using elastic acrylic, so they're good to go even in the rain, and shop-owner Ink Heart Kicks even promises he'll try to customise them for you if you ask. These are £54 with £4 UK postage, and I completely covet them with all of my being.

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