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Friday 18 January 2013

Wrap up Warm

Brrrrrr. Weather you've got snow falling yet or not, there's no denying that's it bloody cold out there. Don't go outside (especially not in BALLET FLATS like I appear to have done, like an IDIOT), stay inside where it's toasty. If you really must venture out into the cold to panic buy everything in Tesco - not the burgers, obviously - then consider investing in some of these things to keep you warm.

I love the colour of these cable-knit mittens so much. They're super soft and only a tenner from Joy. There's even a matching hat to keep your ears warm and mess up your hair.

Did you know that Zara are hiding some brilliant scarves? I got one for Christmas and it's the warmest and snuggliest thing. I might not be able to feel my feet right now, but the rest of me is super warm. And they're all in the sale which means that this blue knitted scarf is less than a tenner.

More gloves! But these capped gloves are clever because when you need to text someone to tell them you're running late, you won't have to walk around with one glove off getting half-cold. And the stripes are ace. These are £10 from Accessorize.

I'm totally chanelling a snow leopard throughout winter. They're very well-dressed. This angora beret is £18.

Pink and grey, fluffy, Fairisle patterns?! Oh, Topshop. You spoil me. These earmuffs are THREE POUNDS in the sale. It's like the Topshop gods know that one of my favourite things is buying ear muffs in winter and looking slightly ridiculous.

We all know that a snood is just a scarf with the ends sewn together. But this ASOS model looks so snug and happy in hers. Like it was the best twenty quid she ever spent and now she'll never be cold again. She's totally off to make a snowman in a fancy telly advert. The snow is settling in SE1, whose for a lunchtime snowball fight?

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  1. Oh yes. Yes. I'm buying the fluffy Fairisle earmuffs. I particularly like that Topshop has written 'Colour: YELLOW' above the description.


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