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Monday 28 January 2013

Join us for the Easter Crafty Fox Market!

Have you heard of Crafty Fox Market? It's quite an exciting thing in London (and it's also where the South London DS ladies get most of our Christmas presents). Based at The Dogstar in Brixton (opposite the very finest Thai place in all of London), Crafty Fox is a weekend packed full of designers and makers.

The Easter market falls on March 23rd and 24th (chocolate eggs are very early this year), when The Dogstar will be transformed from a slightly sweaty pub/club to a gorgeous craft market full of artists, designers and makers.

And us! We're going to be there! Along with the gorgeous Ellie Tennant (who we interviewed aaaaaages ago), we're curating the market. This means that we'll be picking our favourite applications from the (very) long list and making sure that visitors get the best crafty experience possible. We're going to be there over the weekend so you'll get to say hello and have a drink with us. Please don't let us spend all of our money.

Want to be part of Crafty Fox? The deadline for applications is February 6th. There are a few restrictions - Crafty Fox aren't allowed to accept food stalls and you only get to choose one day so there's a whole range of products and designers across the weekend.

Want to visit? Uusally the market runs from 11am - 5pm, leaving plenty of time to tidy up before the venue gets going in the evening (and it really does, we might well stick around for a bit of a dance). We're looking forward to meeting lots of you, whether you're selling or shopping!

Artwork by Jimbob. I like him as well.

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