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Monday 21 January 2013

Hemingway Haberdashery at John Lewis

Yesterday, I was just mooching around Glasgow, minding my own business, when SUDDENLY and ACCIDENTALLY I found myself in John Lewis's haberdashery department, also known as my spiritual home. Well, wasn't that fortuitous, given that this week marks the start of Operation Organise Sewing & Knitting Stuff (working title). 

Some of you may remember the arrival a few months ago of The Craft Bureau, defending the realm one stitch at a time. I am ashamed to say that The Craft Bureau, home to my sewing machine and assorted Things and Essentials, has descended into chaos. Serious action must be taken, so I was delighted to discover Hemingway Design's haberdashery collaboration with John Lewis - a range of vintage-themed sewing storage solutions by Wayne & Co. that make me go both OOOH and AAAH.

Choose from Glamour Ladies, inspired by fashion illustrations from the 50s, 60s and 70s; or Deco Ladies, which as the name suggests, is Art Deco-ish. 

From the Glamour Ladies range, I love this Grace tin, £7. All back to mine for a sewing party, yeah? Go the whole hog and buy the matching sewing purse, and go in-store to get your mitts on the sewing kit and sewing bag - both out of stock online, but abundantly available during my haberdashery high jinks. 

Also very sweet are these Dash Dot pincushion button and thread jars, £9 each. I'm a sucker for a jar of buttons. 

Use this Deco Ladies Greta notepad, £8, to plan your next sewing project. Look what it says on the back!:

Sew wonderful.

This pincushion with scissors is £10, and will prevent many a frustrating search for tiny wayward snippers. Either that, or I'll end up losing the scissors anyway, and they'll have the added danger of being attached to a great many tiny wayward pins. At least everything will be neat and pretty while it's stabbing me unexpectedly from the bottom of the bed (Yes, yes. I like to sew and knit in bed. What of it?).

So, has anyone got a crafty project on the go? I'm knitting a T.Rex (No, not Marc Bolan. A dinosaur). He's purple and yellow, and I think I'm going to call him Nigel.


  1. It's nice to see sewing gear that isn't cutesy pretty. Reasonably priced for optimum regular purchases - a great find!

  2. Love it! I actually have one of these vintage sewing patterns in my collection too!

  3. I want one of these vintage sewing kit the problem is I still have plenty of supplies for my crafts. Love the pincushion with scissors as well as the bags.


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