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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Animals Getting All Up In Your Jumper Grillz

M&S cashmere dalmation jumper, £99 - also available in petite
Despite the fact that we are polar opposites lookswise (tall/ginger, petite/brunette), m'learned colleague Sara is responsible for some of my favourite things in my wardrobe, the absolute gem of which is an H! by Henry Holland fox jumper. I don't own many animals on things - I own an animal on things - but jumpers with animals on are just incredibly cheering. Animals of Farthing WOULD look good on your body (OH HEY! HERE ALL WEEK! Oh, oh you're leaving? So soon?)

M&S has gone absolutely bonkers for animals this year, from dalmations to pandas.

Nothing says "I'm thrilled that Edinburgh zoo's panda is finally up the duff" like wearing a sequinned panda face. This fluffy panda jumper is £35 and comes in petite and regular sizes.

This magnificently unimpressed raccoon cannot be doing with that fluffy shit. He's knitted. And £35. And also available in plus sizes.

This squirrel jumper (£29.50) has a smidgeon of angora in it for extra cuddliness. I saw a black squirrel on my first day in Canada. That seemed an unusual colour for a squirrel, so I half-thought it might be a mutant and might actually kill me. (I get melodramatic in foreign climes).

Amazing customer review on this jumper too: "Like to have one in dark blue with a pheasant.
Can M&S arrange this before Christmas?" YES! That is exactly how it works!

This cashmere dog (£119, hold your breath) couldn't look any more pleased with itself if it tried, which is presumably why M&S gave it a collar of Swarovski crystals for good measure. "Dude, I'm a Boston terrier. I am Of The Moment." (Less exciting/sparkly dogs are also available.)

If you still fancy some bling and cashmere, but tend more towards cats, try this cashmere cat jumper instead (also £119, keep holding your breath or wait for a 20 per cent off day). It's available in petite, too, and there's another cat jumper with a shirt built-in (I never quite grasp why this is).

Do you have any knitwear items with animals plastered all over them? Or is your pet just sitting smugly on it right this second?


  1. I was massively excited to see black squirrels in Canada and took huge numbers of photos that my friends back home were then most dismissive of. Apparently Hitchin and Stevenage are rife with them.

    1. My favourite bit was also in Canada, when our coach tour stopped so that Americans could take pictures of foxes. Just...boring old foxes. WTF?

  2. The panda jumper review is even better: "Looks good and doesn't make me look like a fat teddy."

  3. Love the squirrel jumper. It seems utterly appropriate attire for watching The Great British Bake-Off!

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree

  4. I took a picture of black squirrels in Toronto, I was so surprised. And then some fiend stole my camera. :(

    On to happier news, I finally caved and bought the Louche secretary cat jumper from Joy that was on DS in January. It arrived yesterday and is purrfect (sorry).


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