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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Around the World in Five Gorgeous Prints

Where are you going on your summer holidays this year? I'm not making hairdresser-style chat - I'm honestly interested to pick up some travel tips. I've spent approximately 6.5 hours this week flicking through hundreds of beautiful photographs from around the world on Pinterest. I've also been fuelling my wanderlust by looking at some great travel-inspired prints.

This map of France, new from Famille Summerbelle, is great for some inspiration, laying out the whole of the country for exploration. The map has its own adorable key to the regions of France and when you peer closer, you can see flea markets, tabacs, vineries and boulangeries galore. Oh, you want to look closer? Go on then...

See - completely wonderful. You can pick it up as a screenprint for £45.

For more continental delights, I'm taken by the charms of this Rome Sweet Rome print from Crispin Finn. Show me a bottle of Chianti and a winsome checked tablecloth, and I'll be on a plane before you know it. This print is £50 - no doubt how much it'll cost me to carry my suitcase to Rome on a budget airline. (On a side note but Crispin Finn/booze related, I also feel obliged to inform you they're now selling loads more different designs in their classic cocktail series.)

Slightly closer to home and right in the middle of the festival at the moment, so I would like to visit even more than usual, is Edinburgh. This skyline print from Finch and Robin captures the city in all its glory - from the inevitable rain cloud hovering near Calton Hill, to the pipers who lurk outside Princes Mall. It's a very seasonable £25 (i.e. roughly the price of one and a half shows at the Festival). The design has also been adapted for this very cute Heart Edinburgh bag from Totes Amazed.

Bianca Gomez is probably best known for her Paris London and New York prints - all rather wonderful, yes, but for something a little different, I'm going to pick out her Madrid print. It's every bit as charming, from the detail of closed-up bodega to the woman diligently sweeping the streets. Priced at £19.93, the shipping costs a little over a £5 from Spain - or it could offer a great excuse to visit Spain and try and pick it up in person?

I realise these prints have, so far, only taken us as far as Europe. For farther-flung travel motivation, I love the work of Jacqueline Seifert which has been inspired by her own adventures in India. This Delhi Durbar print is an example of her style, using layering of typography, old photography and pattern, all in a suitably colourful palette. Available from £85 from East End prints, the print is limited to an edition of 50. Which just leaves the question - should I save up and buy it, or to put the money towards a flight to go and see India for myself?

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