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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Bag lust: Ladylike bags

Perhaps it's a reaction to the 90s-style rucksacks around at the moment, but I've been craving a "I'm a grown-up" ladylike bag for a while now. It could also be the fault of the oh-so-primly pretty patent leather mini bag from Orla Kiely that has been high up on my lottery win wish list for ages. My patience has kind of paid off, as it's now in the sale. Hurrah! But it's still £194.60. That remains way beyond my bag budget so I've been trying to seek out some cheaper alternatives.

The current prime contender is this gorgeous messenger bag from Zara, only £29.99. For that price it's made from polyurethane rather than leather but otherwise it gets full marks for its ladylike appeal. That luscious blue/grey colour is virtually begging to accompany you to an afternoon tea (the green and cream option just doesn't do it for me in the same way).

Still ladylike but perhaps slightly more work-suitable is the Dune datchel bag. I like the metallic clasp and the choice of handles, while the deep maroon saves it from being entirely too dull. This is what I believe the mags call an 'investment piece' - it's £65 from House of Fraser.

Next is never really up there on my high street destinations but I'm enjoying the colour combo at work on their camel and grey tote bag. River Island are selling a similar one which makes me think they both must be inspired by a designer number. Whether that's true or not, they're both nice on their own merits but, for me, Next wins this battle due to its appealing looking squishiness. It's also made from polyurethane and is priced at £40.

What do you think about the new M&S 'Leading Ladies' campaign? If I'm imagining a leading lady, I'm not sure I'd picture Ellie Goulding in the first instance but I'm more certain she'd be carrying something like their Autograph Leather Panelled Tote Bag which definitely looks like it means business. It's in the sale too though still tipping the pricey scale at £119.20.

And finally, a bag that's so ladylike they've been forced to photograph it in black and white - it's clearly just too old-school glamorous to appear in colour. This leather bag is a bit like a doctor's bag in style but I'm sure is equally well equipped to carry an iPod and your mobile as much as a stethoscope or a tongue depressor. It's £125 from & Other Stories and is seriously gorgeous.


  1. Oh my...that Zara bag is beautiful. Its now on my to-buy list, roll on payday!

    1. Isn't it just lovely? It's on my pay day list too - slightly worried it'll sell out before I get there!

  2. Floto do some like the last one too in a good choice of colours. They're Italian leather from the USA - so not good in bag miles, but even with postage the price is sometimes good.

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