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Wednesday 14 August 2013

A Game of Cat and Mouse and Shark

Ok, so this cat bodysuit is the best thing ever. Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. Now look at the back.

I know that I say that I may explode with joy a lot, but that's only because there are so many things that demand it. The focus for this post is on Lazy Oaf, who I'd never come across until my friend Suse carted me over to look at a truly magnificent men's shark shirt (it has teeth around the neck! Superb). A number of the Sluttery girls have already discovered the joys of the 'Oaf, which makes me question their loyalty in not running up to me on the internet, tugging at my skirt and going "LOOK! KAT, LOOK!"

Fortunately for me there is this incredibly cute oversize shark t-shirt, £38. I love men's shirts, but this one is a bit too manlike in the fit.

The model looks a bit cross in most of the shots, but if I were wearing this bear bra top, £35, I'd probably be dying of laughter. All. The Time.

This cardigan is in the sale, £20 down from £75. It's utterly ridiculous. The tongue pocket comes out! And look at the back!

Three eyes? Obviously. It also comes in blue for £30.

There's a lot of fun stuff in the sale - I'd never wear this bodycon kapow dress as anything other than a tunic, but it's superbly cheery and £15 down from £60.

So what do you reckon? Who wins in a game of cat and mouse and shark? (Apart from my cat, who automatically gets a win.)



    Small point: what exactly IS a bodysuit? Do I wear it under things? I would want to run around wearing only my cat bodysuit. I can't stop saying "bodysuit".

    1. If I got it - which, sadly, is unlikely because much as I love it I would look as though I were wearing my name and my own cat on my own body - I would wear it as a top with a full-ish black skirt. Which I happen to own. *cries*


    2. Disco pants and killer red heels!


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