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Tuesday 6 August 2013

Awesome Auntie gifts

My sister is getting married later in the month. As well as a new brother-in-law, I'm also gaining a nephew. I'm a bit over-excited about auntie duties, which I see as breezing in, buying extravagant gifts and leaving the parents to clear up any mess. Anything that gives me another excuse to buy presents gets a big thumbs up from me, and so here's my current indulgent auntie shopping list (Ambler family members, please now close your eyes).

Fitting boys of up to one year old, my nephew-to-be may too old for these Superhero tights but they're definitely being bookmarked for future children in my life. They're made by Little Titans who realised there was a lack of tights for baby boys and came up with these cotton wonders. A pair is £16 from Luna & Curious.

How much fun can a kid have with a paper bag on their head? A lot, if the paper bag is as magnificent as this roah-some lion costume (there's also a panther design available). You can pick up one for £14.95 from The Hambledon.

And how much fun can a kid have with a cardboard box? A lot, if a kind auntie has given them the Makedo London Bus Kit. Actually, I've been longing to have a go with it myself, ever since I saw it on Junior Hipster. It's a kit of 57 different parts to use on and through, and stick onto, a cardboard box to create a bus of dreams. There's even a safe saw included, and that's that only kind of saw I ever want to go near. Suitable for ages six and above, it's £12.99 from the London Transport Museum Shop

I believe the family that makes their own lucha libre masks together stays together. This Mexican Wrestling project kit is available for £14.99 from the Design Museum shop (yes, another museum shop - I'm clearly going to be one of those aunties), and contains everything needed to construct a felt mask. I reckon these X-Ray leggings are the perfect accompanying gift. 

Move over Sooty and Sweep, Edd the Duck and Gordon the Gopher. Not only to I need to be more up-to-date with my cultural references, I've discovered what I believe to be the world's best hand-puppet: the Blueper monster hand-puppet. This is one cool monster who will either delight or scare the pants off a kid, depending on their scaredy cat level. He's a pricey beast though - £59 from Couverture and the Garbstore

It's surely in the contract that any Domestic Slut aunt needs to encourage their nephews and niece to muck around in the kitchen as much as possible. This Do Try This at Home: Cook It book (£8.96 from Amazon) looks like the perfect recipe for foodie fun. Put together by the Science Museum, it uses recipes and experiments to explain the science behind food.

"Mess likely" and "explosions possible" promises the cover. Experiment one: hand small child this book, situate in their kitchen and then remember, oh, how you had something important to do somewhere else, and can't possibly help the parents clean up, sorry. It's what aunties are meant to do, right?


  1. Ive just had my first weekend on cool aunty duty. I bought my 4 month old niece her first Doc Martens and took her to Covent Garden. Being an aunty is the best!

    1. Doc Martens for a four month old? How adorable! Sounds like you are fulfilling your auntie duties wonderfully!

  2. I have one very important thing to say:
    Will I fit in that bus!?!

    (I am an adopted auntie for my friend's son and I bought him a triops kit ;) )

    1. Well, the kit just provides the bits for the bus - you can pick your own cardboard box so you can make it as big as you want!

      And excellent awesome auntie buying skills too.


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