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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Wish You Were Here? British seaside delights

As I'm typing this, the rain is lashing down outside my flat window - ah, this is the British summertime I know so well! What better way to celebrate its arrival than with a selection of designs honouring family holiday and the British seaside? After all, nothing reminds me more of the delights of the summer holiday than sheltering from the weather in a car at the seafront, stuffing myself with fish and chips.

This Wish You Were Here! print, and the detail shown at the top of the post, gives an indication of the many delights the UK has to offer. Based on 67 Inc's extensive vintage badge collection, the print offers snapshots of places like Torquay, Ramsgate, Sidmouth and Fowey, and may well inspire some adventures (if not the start of a badge collection). The print is £20.

I'd already fallen for Home Slice's fish and chips plates, so it's not really a surprise I also love their new 'Seaside Souvenir' cushions, each devoted to a different resort. Pick from Margate, Blackpool, or I'm especially fond of Whitby's donkey. Each is £38.

I adore these individual ceramic tiles, available from Welbeck Tiles (as featured on Retro To Go). Each features a different Cornish vista, based on an original vintage postcard. Each comes in its own presentation box, and costs £15. But whereabouts in Cornwall is this charming scene taken? Answers on a postcard in a comment please.

Sean Sims is my kind of guy. I'd love to be in this picture eating chips on Brighton seafront with a dapper mod man. Well, at least until the gulls descend. This cheerful Gulls 'n' Chips print is another one from his Brighton Line collection, and you can buy the print for £55 from Brighton Pod, or pick up a greeting card version for £2.25 from 1973.

And the perfect accompaniment to that print, and usually the end of any seaside fun (or, at least, the seaside refreshments): Here Come The Gulls. You can pick up this tote bag for £10 from Hello DODO's Etsy shop.


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