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Thursday 8 August 2013

Sluttery by Post: Tilia's Artisan Delivery Service

It's been all go in Kat HQ this week (headkatters? Shut up now Kat...) and as a result I've been unbelievably grateful to have had the unusual presence of mind to cook up a lot of gorgeous food from my local farmers markets in advance. Usually it's beans out of a tin. Or crisps on the sofa. Actually, last night was crisps on the sofa with a whisky, but let's not judge.

The rest of the week I don't have the time or the inclination to go shoving around in search of good food. Sorry, I'm just knackered. I just end up going to Morrisons and soothing myself with three listens to Alice Cooper's Poison and buying a few easy bits for supper. It's not very exciting. Unlike this partridge (£6).

Or an entire rabbit (£18) .

What I really want is something to make everything easier, which is exactly what Tilia, aims to do. I heard about it yesterday, and now wish I were having less of a stringently budgeted month so that I could go nuts and order a ton of lovely markety foodie things without having to leave the house.

It's a London service hooking up picky Londoners (hello!) with the best food and drink suppliers, from butchers and bakers to chocolatiers and fishmongers. Did I mention you can have lobster delivered, and choose whether you get it live or cooked for £30? I didn't? Well. I will now.

What makes Tilia stand out is that as well as the posh end of delis that other companies do, they're also selling street food, so you can shop from the likes of The Rib Man and Borough Market's Argentine PorteƱa without having to trawl up to London Bridge or Kings Cross, or tracking down the nearest street food festival.

I so want a Rabbit JoJo!

It delivers to London postcodes for £5 (free for orders over £50) from Tuesday to Saturday, and you can book a delivery slot when you check out.


Fancy some booze? There's an entire section devoted purely to ethical wines. You can get your coffee from Nude, and choose from a huge range of ciders including The Essex Cider Company. If you want to try out a veg box, you'll get enough veg for one person for a week for £8. As well as foodie things for you, there are loads of present ideas and easy bits. You can get recipe kits for curries (£16 feeds four) and there are burger and beer packs, and steak and wine packs which all look rather covetable.

(Basically, you can eat like a foodie and stay in and watch season 20 of ANTM instead).


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