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Friday 23 August 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Joy, Antipodium & Darling

Happy Friday, Chuckleberries! Are you in the mood to save some money? Come along then.


Louche Enya dress, £35 (was £69), Joy

Oh goodness, now I'm thinking about Enya. That's a bad start. Happily, her namesake dress from Joy is maxipretty and is taking my mind off her musical shenanigans. Get an extra 10% off (off the dress, not my mind) by entering the code EXTRA10 at the checkout.

Jordan dress, £35 (was £55), Darling

Ah, my old mucker the chevron stripe. How I love thee. This Jordan dress from Darling is indeed darling, and it also comes in a sort of caramel with a hint of taupe (French for mole!) and blue (English for bleu!) colourway.


Cambridge Satchel Co. canary yellow 11" satchel, £73.50 (was £105), ASOS

I've been lusting after a bright yellow satchel for, oh, most of my life. This one from the Cambridge Satchel Company is exclusive to ASOS - and while it's not exactly cheap as chips at £73.50, it is cheaper than it once was. As cheap as dauphinoise potatoes, perhaps. Really quite expensive dauphinoise potatoes. Like the kind Heston would make, with truffles uncovered by Wilbur the pig, and cream made from the milk of gerbils, and garlic imported from Narnia, and salt extracted from the tears of unicorns and the sweat of the narwhal. That kind of dauphinoise potatoes.

Anyway, it's leather and expertly crafted and all that jazz, so it's an INVESTMENT.

Mr Fox Luxx bag, £18 (was £50), Kate Garey

This week has most certainly marked the return of foxes and the rest of the woodland gang to Domestic Sluttery. Sian found The Greatest Slippers In The World™, while Kat punned her way to squirrel jumper glory, and now here I am showing you Kate Garey's wonderful Mr Fox bag. PRO TIP: Erroneously Googling 'Kate Garraway Fox Bag' will inexplicably bring up a lots of stuff about babies and fertility. I'll admit it harshed my mellow a little bit. I was only looking for cute foxes.


Flourish ballerina skirt, £54.95 (was £158), Anthropologie

Every time I look at this ballerina skirt from Anthropologie I start humming the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, before launching into an energetic series of demi-pliés, grands jetés, petits fouettés and fish dives. Then I get to doing the frappés and just give up and go to Starbucks instead. They're a hard nut to crack, those frappés.

Pleated floral midi skirt, £20 (was £40), ASOS

This model knows how wonderful she looks in her pleated midi skirt from ASOS. It's a shame she spilled that beans 'n' cheese baked potato down her front over lunch, but she's doing a smashing job of hiding it.


Rocket Dog Vinny shoes, £19.99 (was £35), Schuh

Sometimes, I just need a comfy, vaguely infantile shoe to run about in, and if they're yellow to boot (to shoe?), it makes me all the more joyous. These Rocket Dog Vinny shoes from Schuh earn bonus points for having a daisy-print lining. I mean, I know no-one can see the lining when they're on your feet, but so what? It's a little secret of your very own. Like having fancy pants on. OR NO PANTS AT ALL.

Antipodium cork slingbacks, £25.50 (was £85), ASOS

A lot of dithering took place before these Antipodium for ASOS slingbacks made the Sales Spy cut. I'm not really a slingbacks kinda girl (how do you walk in them? I still don't know. Is it magic? Is glue involved?). HOWEVER. They are made of cork! So how can I resist their charms? It'll be like wearing Portugal on my feet. And is that a silver heel I see before me? I can't tell. It might be white.


Burger necklace, £42 (was £60), Tatty Devine

I want this burger necklace SO much. It's down to £42 in the Tatty Devine sale, which equates to roughly 17½ McDonald's Happy Meals. It's also less fattening and gives longer-lasting satisfaction. It's available in a super-deluxe version (28 Happy Meals), and as a ring (11¾ Happy Meals), too. 

I'm hungry now. 


  1. That floral pleated skirt is so pretty!

  2. Rocket Dog have pretty much reduced everything on their site by 65% for the bank holiday weekend (that we don't get up here)...

    1. Ah, that's ace. At least we still get to take advantage of bank holiday sales, even when we don't actually get the bank holiday!

  3. Awww, no game to play this week.

    1. Games and questions are taking a bank holiday break this week! But they'll be back next week for sure!

  4. The Joy dress is so pretty, had know idea they had an online store...thanks!

    1. Collectively we probably keep Joy afloat with our dress buying.

      Case in point: bought a dress from Joy today.


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