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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Top Ten Coconut Recipes

Coconut is one of most versatile ingredients and it gets used a lot in the Sluttery HQ kitchen. The ability to use it in sweet as well as savoury dishes makes it one of our favourite things to cook with. Here are our top ten coconut recipes. Let's start with the sweet stuff.

Coconut and cardamom is one of our favourite flavour combinations. Go for this 'twist on a classic' creme brulee or try Sara's nankhatai balls.

Coconut also pairs really well with citrus - Caleigh made a gluten free coconut and lime bundt cake yesterday - and we've got a lime and coconut cupcake recipe as well (this recipe is just crying out for white rum in the icing).

Lemon more your thing? How about a lemon and coconut polenta cake? Or get creative with this lemongrass and coconut panna cotta.

Of course, we can't forgot about desiccated coconut. We've been getting that stuck in our teeth for years. But it's worth it if we get lemon and coconut brigadeiros, and of course, Aussie lamingtons.

Still got some coconut left over? (Sorry, do you live on a deserted island with someone called Tuesday?) Take a look at our savoury coconut recipes.

This chickpea and coconut curry is perfect when you're certain you've not nothing to eat. Still on the chickpea theme (yeah, we kind of live on them), this madras chickpea curry has a very healthy glug of coconut milk in it.

And obviously we can't write about coconut without having a green curry recipe. Speaking of green, these coconut chilli greens are a great side dish. Make sure you serve a bhang lassi along with your spicy dishes, you might need it!

Want more recipe inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipe compilations.

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  1. Just bought the ingredients to make the coconut chickpea curry. Might add a little lemongrass and basil ...

    I've had the coconut creme brulee recipe bookmarked for months now. Has to be made soon.


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