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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Get Plastered!

I view my plaster collection in the same way as I view my jewellery - an essential accessory. If I'm going to be covered in pesky wounds, I want them to be as beautifully-adorned as possible. It's been a while since our last round-up of the most stylish plasters available to the accident-prone among us, and there have been a few delightful developments in the industry since then. Let's have a look. 

Present & Correct's crayon plasters (also pictured at the top of this post) are just £11 for a whopping 100 colourful bandages, all packaged up in a pleasingly-retro box. 

Sick of having to explain to people how you got your latest plaster-covered wound? "I mistook my pinky for the spring onion I was chopping" isn't quite as impressive as "Ninja fight!", is it? These Survival plasters, £7 from Urban Outfitters, will put paid to any pesky "What's happened to you now?" questions. 

I don't think anyone will have any reason to doubt your claims, do you?

These Super Mario Bros. Know Your Enemies plasters are just the thing to cover up your next Bullet Bill injury. They're £3.99.

I am 33 and I still LOVE Hello Kitty. I'm not ashamed. When she's peeping out of a super-cute Liberty print, it makes me feel like I am making a design statement, rather than just indulging my childish whims. These Wild & Wolf Hello Kitty Liberty plasters are £4.88. 

Wonder Woman has no need for plasters - she's got the Purple Ray to heal her wounds. She's generously donated her plasters to us (for the small fee of £3.99) so that we can channel a little of of her awesomeness while healing at our own boringly-slow pace. There are two different designs inside - red and blue, resplendent with logos and pictures of the wonder(ful) woman herself.

If anything's going to help you heal faster, it's plasters made from the magical powers of enchanted unicorns. You'd think such a rarity would be priceless, non? Actually, they're £4. 

I wasn't much into dress-up dollies when I was little, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the vintage-cuteness of these Dress-up Dolly plasters, £3.95 from Dotcomgiftshop. In what appears to be an Extremely Dangerous Health & Safety Scenario, I think that's a kitten sitting beside a birthday cake there on the left. He'll be needing more than a plaster after he's set alight by the candles. Tsk.


  1. ahahaha! I thought I was the only one! glad to find out other people collect plasters too - I think my obsession stems from my mum refusing to buy anything other than the rolls of cut-it-yourself pinkish-brown stuff. so unstylish.

    my current favourites are some comic book "pow!" "ouch!" etc. lovelies, but laser-cut streaky bacon is a close second.

    ps. I can confirm that the unicorn ones really do have healing powers.


  2. This is some serious plaster magic! I was always into making a collection of plasters. It has always appeared to be a nice and fun idea to me ;)

    Jessica x


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