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Monday 19 August 2013

We Are All Made of Stars

While I don't know the scientific basis behind Moby's statement that we're all, in fact, made of stars*, I do know that recently there have been lots of things made that are inspired by stars (not quite as catchy, eh?). It's a trend that's been hanging round for a little while - just check out this post from last year - but one I'm continuing to love.

This Sky Lab bear brooch, for instance, is one heavenly creature. Taking its inspiration from Ursa Major, it's one of several star-gazing inspired designs in the new Tatty Devine collection (gaze at the Lepus constellation-inspired rabbit brooch here) and it fills me with twinkly wonderment. It's available for £50 from The Red Door Gallery

Never one to miss out on a trend, you can pick up a star shower towel for a mere £3.99 from H&M. The pattern also comes on a single duvet set for £12.99, though sadly the shopping planets haven't aligned to produce a double duvet version. 

You may remember the Crumpled city maps from a few years ago, possibly the perfect travelling companions as you can just scrunch them up and stuff them into their bags. You can now get the universe in a bag (and presumably the moon on a stick next, if you ask nicely enough) with the Crumpled sky chart. I'm taken with the idea of taking this on camping trips and romantic midnight escapades. It's £19.99 from The Fowndry.

More star-crossed notions of romance with Hazel Nicholls' The Brightest Star tea towel. The screen-printed design includes a border listing various constellations so you can swot up while doing the drying up. It costs a tenner from The Calm Gallery

We Are Dorothy always do something extra special, so its no surprise that their take on the trend is really rather wonderful. On their Star chart each constellation is a different film, and the stars are film stars. 

It's filled with the geeky kind of details that make We are Dorothy prints so delightful - the chart is based on the sky on the night of the first showing of Hitchcock's 'Psycho', while the print also lists the Oscar nominations for each actor and the position of their star on the Hollywood walk of fame. You can pick up a copy for £25, or there's a special edition for £100 - possibly the ultimate star buy.

* Moby's claim is explored more scientifically here.


  1. *ahem* serious work face...

    The crumple star map is three quid cheaper on CultureLabel.

    It glows in the dark! Nothing else that's crumpled up in my handbag does that.

    1. It glows in the dark? How awesome is that?!

      I also love the constellation teatowel. Brings back happy memories of my Mum's drawer full of novelty souvenir teatowels.

      Angela xx
      Little Apple Tree

    2. It glows in the dark?! Wow. You could buy a couple (saving yourself some money by getting them from CultureLabel obviously) and stick them all over your bedroom ceiling like those glow-in-the dark stars you could get. That would be amazing.

  2. Moby based his title on a statement from Canadian Astrophysicist Hubert Reeves'work. Reeves stated in 2002(as part of a presentation)"You are made of stardust". This concept is a very important aspect of his scientific work. Thank you for the Astronomy related post ;)


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