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Thursday 22 August 2013

Green Fingers: Indoor Herb Gardens

Alan Titchmarsh I ain't. I just don't have the patience to tend to plants, the novelty wears off before they're even seedlings, and by the time they've sprouted, I'm bored. The only way to hold my interest in a plant is to make it something I can eat, then I'll give it some attention. I'm basically a greedy-guts. That's why I've got my eye on the Salad Kitchen Garden Set from Greenfingers. Instead of shelling out for packs of herbs that go mushy in the fridge, I'd much rather have a ready supply on my windowsill. This set is only £5.49, so by the time you use the herbs seven or eight times, they're already better value than cut herbs. Within a matter of weeks you can be chucking together a herby minestrone or salsa verde whenever the whim strikes.

If lavender and lemon cake, or lavender and caramel brownies take your fancy, then check out this gorgeous Lavender Trug from Marks & Spencer. It's already filled with lavender flowers so even someone with my level of green fingeredness (hopeless) can't go too far wrong. It's currently £28, down from £35, so snap it up while it's on offer!

If other edible flowers are more your thing, then I love the Sky Planter Frances showed us earlier this year. Nasturtiums are a prime candidate for these upside-down planters, since they grow well in hanging baskets and look stunning when they trail from the ceiling. With all those edible flowers at your disposal, you can channel your inner Hazel and create some pretty plates of food.

If, like me, you really are a total dunce with plants and the simple task of remembering to water them is often your downfall, you need a self watering pot like these from Scandi Living. Nylon threads hang down from the pot into the water supply so that your plants get a constant drink. These stylish pots aren't cheap, they're £38, but if you add up all the dead herbs you've thrown away over the years that price start to seem quite reasonable, doesn't it? 

Now, where did I put my watering can?

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  1. The lavender in the basket looks nice! gardening is something which i loved to do as a child with my mom. I have a home garden where i grow basil, rosemary, thyme, chervil, dill, bay, chives and a lot more Herb blends.


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