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Monday 5 August 2013

Drink, Serve, Dine (And Do The Washing Up) With Fishs Eddy At Liberty

Sometimes I just want my homewares to be fun, with a side order of silly. At times like this, I call upon the gods of Fishs Eddy, fine purveyors of American kitchenalia and tableware. They took up residence in Liberty last year, but if you're lucky enough to be heading to New York any time soon, be sure to check out one of their real-life stores

It's cats vs dogs! FIGHT! Who wins? You decide*. These cats and dogs glasses are £6.95 each.

* Cats, obviously.

I need this airline ticket tray in my life. On it I will place my travel paraphernalia - such as foreign currency, passport, phrase book, and plane ticket - for all the exciting, far-flung and exotic holidays I have coming up. On top of everything, I will place my vivid imagination, highly-developed sense of fantasy, and delusional tendencies.

Ah, this artist's palette tray is taking me back to my art school days (it isn't really - it's far too clean and orderly to be mine). It's £34.95. 

Feeling a little gloomy, gulping down your morning glass of orange juice? A Cheer Up glass will surely help you remember the finer points of life. That, or make you feel even worse. At £6.95, it's a risk worth taking. 

I think a tray solely reserved for movie-watching snackage is a must, non? This Admit One tray is £9.95, and just crying out to be covered with bowls of popcorn and pick 'n' mix. 

Cultivate a continental insouciance to wine drinking with these prettily casual Italian tumblers. They're £40 for a set of six or £6.95 each

Make your dinner party guests pay their way by throwing them this Guest Check tea towel, £10.95, and pointing them in the direction of the sink. Alternatively, you could actually write their bill on this and then throw it at them. That'll guarantee they never darken your door again.

What's worse, washing up or maths? Both become infinitely more appealing thanks to this maths tea towel. It's £14.95, and you can go equation-crazy with the matching mug, too. 

Perhaps best of all the stuff in the Fishs Eddy range, I love their Charley Harper-illustrated glassware and ceramics. This warbler tumbler is £8.95. I also ADORE the red cardinal plate:

He's £29.95, so probably better suited to display or special occasions, unless you're way less clumsy than me (which you probably are, damn you).

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  1. Oh my goodness I love fishs eddy! I went to one of the New York stores on my honeymoon and miraculously managed to take back some lovely alice in wonderland glasses without breakages! Three years on they are still in tact, god knows what I'll do if one breaks...


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