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Thursday 15 August 2013

Head to toe: Yellow

Yellow has become such a thing this 'summer'. Perhaps to brighten up the dark and dreary days we've had (yellow and grey are a perfect colour combination, after all). I'm actually better at wearing yellow accessories, I just don't have the skin/hair to carry it off unless I want to look like I have quite serious liver failure *puts down afternoon glass of wine*. So because it's a bit grey outside, here are some gorgeous yellow pieces, sorting you out from top to toe.

A yellow cloche hat! Absolutely the finest colour for a cloche hat. This Lisa Battaglia cloche isn't cheap (seriously, it's £209), but she looks so happy and it matches her lipstick perfectly. But let's move onto something cheaper before you tell me off.

Rather than a yellow necklace, how about some rose collar clips? This Rosita Bonita piece is made with embossed leather, and £26.

Now the shops are getting in all of their winter stock, yellow dresses are less easy to come by (stop that madness, shops, I'm still holding out for another week of warm weather). I want to be sending you all to this gorgeous shift, but it's pricey. So's this one. Instead, let's go for a skirt option. This yellow pleated skirt is only £28 and perfect for swissssssshhhhhhing.

What's that? You definitely want a yellow dress? Oh, alright then. Go and snap up this pleated NW3 dress for £50 before it's gone from the sale forever.

This weave bag from French Connection is a nice yellow touch, now in the sale at £23.

After featuring these gorgeous yellow shoes a while back, I snapped them up at the weekend (hooray!) and have decided that all shoes should be yellow. And have fabulous Perspex wedge heels. And be in the sale and just £31.50. And be in my shopping basket. ASOS, you little shoe minxes.

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  1. Yellow is such great colour. I take my yellow satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company with me everywhere I go, it is really versatile and looks stunning!


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