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Monday 5 August 2013

Jewellery For Under A Fiver: Flutter Face

Sometimes your hankering for shiny new trinkets coincides with a time when you have a week til pay day and a doormat covered in bills. So thank goodness for Flutter Face, with their vintage and handmade jewellery at ludicrously tiny prices. Seriously, they look like typos. You'll want to bang on their door saying "excuse me, you DO know I'd pay twice as much for this?"


Let's start with this Alice in Wonderland necklace. I'm a sucker for (a) Alice, (b) lockets, (c) tiny keys and (d) jewellery that costs £4.89. So excuse me while I buy three of these and wear them all at once.

Happy birds on an antique bronze background. I love the texture of this necklace, and the way their little tails stick out. Look at them, they're totally flirting. Super cute and just £2.99.

Flutter Face have a whole range of comic book print rings, all at £2.99. I love this woman's face and no-nonsense outlook. I'm not sure what she's planning to do to Jim, but I'm pretty sure he has no say in the matter. The rings are all silver plated and adjustable.

It's those birds again, this time disguised as the Twitter bird and flying free in your ears. They're £1.99. ONE POUND NINETY NINE. This is getting silly.

Part of their silent movie range, this "YIKES!" ring will be the only way I express surprise in future. Practice your perfect shocked face on learning this costs just £2.99 (you've probably guessed that already by now, mind).

It wouldn't be a Domestic Sluttery post without an obligatory owl picture. This owl brooch is £1.99 and would look beautiful gazing soulfully from your cardigan.

Go and explore by collection and remember everything will be sent out by first class post for 99p. So in a matter of days you could have an entirely new jewellery collection AND have change from a tenner. Still not sure? Take a look at all the happy reviews on Facebook. And for less than the cost of a pint, can you really go wrong?

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  1. Love the Alice in wonderland necklace. Do you have more like this one?


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