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Friday 30 August 2013

The boy and his poison: Sloe Gin Jelly

Who doesn't love jelly… and who doesn't love gin? Now, imagine for a second I could suggest a combination of those two delicious treats which is easy enough to execute that it could be a mid-week gin-fix, a cheeky jello-shot or a dessert that could sail you through a Virginia Woolfe-esque dinner party with a minimum of fuss.

This recipe came about after a recent trip to my folks, meaning we were blessed with our annual bottle of west country sloe gin. The syrupy-sweet nature of Sloe Gin usually relegates these inherited bottles to the secondary-spirit cupboard (you know the one… in my case it needs a step ladder to access it and it’s full of random liqueurs and pure grain alcohol) that was until I realised that sloe gin was an incredible flavour enhancer to dark fruit jellies. Obviously the next step was to work out whether I could make a jelly where purely the flavour of the sloe gin was allowed to sing (*spoiler alert* it does). So, grab yourself a peeler, a bottle of sloe gin and some lemon sorbet. Then thank me for the sort of dessert that will loved by even the most discerning booze hound.

You'll need for 4 servings:
  • 300ml of sloe gin
  • 200ml of apple juice
  • 1 tbsp of blackberry (or another berry based) jam
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 6 gelatine leaves (you can substitute for agar if you need to but the consitency will be slightly rougher)
  • Candied lemon zest for decoration
  • A scoop of lemon sorbet 
Make the jelly:
  • Soak the gelatine leaves in tepid water for five minutes.
  • Meanwhile gently heat the sloe gin, apple juice, berry jam and sugar in a small pan.
  • Pour the heated gin based liquid into a jug and leave for ten minutes.
  • Wring out the gelatine leaves and add back to the saucepan with a couple of tablespoons of the sloe gin mixture.
  • Heat the mixture on a low heat until the gelatin has mixed then gradually add the rest of the sloe gin mixture.
  • Mix thoroughly and pour into small glasses or serving dishes, then allow to cool for five hours in a fridge.
Make the candied lemon zest:
  • Peel strips from a lemon with an oxo peeler before stripping the pith off with a pairing knife. 
  • Slice into narrow, hair-like strands with the knife (watch out for your fingers).
  • Add the zest to a pan of boiling water for a few minutes before removing and allowing to dry for ten minutes.
  • In a fresh pan add a cup of water, a cup of sugar and the lemon zest and boil for ten minutes.
  • Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and allow to dry on a rack or a sheet of foil.
To serve:
  • Place a scoop of sorbet on the jelly.
  • Scatter with candied lemon for artistic effect. 
  • Serve and devour immediately. 


  1. This sounds amazing! And luckily for me my husband hates boozy desserts, so it would all be for me! xx

  2. This sounds amazing! And luckily for me my husband hates boozy desserts, so it would all be for me! xx


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