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Wednesday 14 August 2013

The Original Bacon Kit

The Sluttery obsession with bacon shows absolutely no sign of letting up. But until recently, we were happy to buy it from the shops. Now? Now I want to make my own with the Original Bacon Kit. Take one bacon kit, add pork, create tasty tasty bacon.

The instructions really are that simple. Obviously the pork belly isn't included, but it's one of the cheapest cuts you can buy and Original Bacon Kit recommends that you make bacon with the skin off which means, oh no, you're going to have to make pork scratchings. This is terrible.

No, wait, this is the wrong sort of Cure.

Your Original Bacon Kit includes a Curing bag, bacon cure mix and you also get maple sugar so you can make maple bacon as well. And you can smoke your bacon if you have a smoker, brilliant. The downside is that the bacon takes a week to cure. I know, I'm sorry, I suggest you go on holiday and try not to think about it.

Adorably, the website says that you can slice as thickly or thinly as you like. I think this might be code for 'you'll never get it as thin as shop bought bacon and it'll look a right mess but you won't care because it'll be the best bacon sandwich you ever make'.

And if you're wondering what to do with all that rendered fat (mmm, sexy), then that's where our bacon bourbon recipe comes in handy. Stick it in a bacon old fashioned.

Original Bacon kits are £19.99 from Firebox and once you're sorted you should be able to find your own curing salt and mixes at specialist butchers. Team this with your cheese making kit woah there Alex James and you've got a really brilliant weekend set up. And you should invite us over for bacon sandwiches.


  1. Amazing. Husband's birthday present sorted. Thanks for that!

  2. Cook bacon in oven after curing??? Eh? I think you'll find that's called ham :)


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