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Monday 12 August 2013

The Oasis Botanical Range

It's not often I'm so taken with a fabric so much that I want to buy everything in an entire range, but the Botanical range at Oasis is so fantastic, I've nearly bought everything. A gorgeous print and well-cut classics are a great combo.  Actually, I stopped in the middle of writing this piece to buy the print dress, but let's look at the other pieces as well.

I'm not a wearer of printed trousers. These could totally change that. I imagine would look excellent with little heels and slightly tipsy midnight walks in Paris.

I've been lusting after this skirt for a while now. I still am.

As well as this brilliant jacket, I'm also loving her hair and red lipstick combo.

This silk shirt! It's gorgeous. Better than this less than brilliant top, but then five out of six is pretty good going. I can't promise I won't buy more of this range (prices start at £38), but I do promise not to wear it all at once.

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