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Thursday 22 August 2013

Top Ten Nutty Recipes

We're a little bit nuts for nuts. We've already shared our top almond recipes with you, but we've got so many nut recipes - sweet and savoury - that we need another compilation. Here are our top ten nutty recipes.

Let's start with our gluten free option, because these walnut and maple syrup tarts are utterly divine. Every time Caleigh comes to visit, we ask her to bring these with her. Sometimes she does.

We have so many muffin and cupcake options. Like these dark chocolate and cashew cupcakes. And these fruit and nut muffins. And these pistachio cupcakes.

Actually, we've got a bit of a thing about pistachios. We also like them in peach tartlets, toffee and cardamon buns and white chocolate fudge.

Peanuts more your thing? We've got peanut butter bacon cookies (yes, really, but there are just normal peanut butter cookies if you're vegetarian). And, some gorgeous peanut butter ice cream truffles.

If you want a savoury peanut recipe instead, try these honey and peanut butter goujons, or our peanutty prawns. Frankly, the fact that you haven't invited us over for tea with all of these recipe suggestions is a little bit rude.

And if you've got a bag of walnuts in the cupboard, you've struck gold and you should make stilton, walnut and pancetta macaroni, or walnut pesto. Or these brilliant fig and walnut squares. If you've got any left over (are you a squirrel?), then make our date and walnut bread.

Want more recipe inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipe compilations.

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