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Wednesday 21 August 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: The Whitepepper

It's thrilling to watch little brands you've spotted grow up and become fully-formed shops in their own right. In the case of The Whitepepper, at just over two years old, they may not be all that grown-up age-wise but nevertheless seem to be going from strength to strength. I first spotted them on ASOS Marketplace (although they apparently started with a tumblr!). Now you can shop from their very own online shop.

The Whitepepper specialise in relaxed and easy clothes, for men and women. They make fuss-free kind of clothes that are lovely in their simplicity. Take the Angel dress pictured. Pretty embroidered flowers coupled with long sleeves. There's not that much more I'd want in a dress actually. And - while not bargain bucket - they're not too crazily priced either - this dress is £69 for example.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm obsessed with all things nautical? No? Well, the desire to dress like a sailor is fairly ingrained in my wardrobe choices and it's no surprise I've fallen for this cotton navy sailor dress, available for £55. More joy for me, as it's also available in white, black and as a midi dress. Now I really can dress like a sailor all the time.

The Whitepepper really go for these smock-shaped dresses which I know won't be to everyone's taste. I personally love them - they're so nice to run or slouch around in on the weekend instead of boring old jeans. Plenty of room for eating a huge Sunday lunch too.

They repeat the same patterns as well as the same shapes throughout their designs. That means you can pick up this check dress (too early in the month for my pretend back to school uniform?) or as a check shirt or as a swooshy midi skirt.

The Whitepepper have got an interesting range of shoes too, definitely veering towards the clompy. These Indian cut-out brogues are very sweet for £58 although, while I also love their chunky platforms, I know I would fall sideways while wearing them and break my ankle.

With a few vintage offerings thrown into the mix, The Whitepepper should have something for everyone. Well, perhaps not their denim culotte dungarees - they won't be for everyone. Everything else, however, is pretty fab.



    1. Ha, I love your enthusiasm. I am a long-term stalker of them, but I've yet to buy anything. It's going to be that sailor dress first, I think!


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